• this week in fedora (2019w05)

    Last week, I’ve pushed a multitude of various packages to both the official fedora repositories, and my COPR repositories. They include fixes for elementary desktop applications (Photos and Files) and components (Wingpanel indicators and Switchboard plugs). There were also some updates for “made for elementary” applications, and miscellaneous python and golang package updates.

  • this week in fedora (2019w04)

    This week, I’ve again worked on getting some python packages in fedora up to speed before I can submit poetry as a package to fedora. Also, the usual miscellaneous updates for elementary and “made for elementary” packages were pushed to the appropriate repositories.

  • this week in fedora (2019w03)

    This week, I’ve added two new python packages to fedora in preparation for packaging poetry, and pushed other minor updates for some packages. There were also two updates for the Appcenter packages I maintain in my COPR repository (alias and Spice-up).

  • this week in fedora (2019w02)

    This past week, I brought you the 1.0.0 release of syncthing, and also some minor updates for elementary packages - mostly to prepare for the next version of the vala compiler.

  • this week in fedora (2019w01)

    There are just two minor updates this week, both for elementary projects. I updated the elementary icon theme to the latest upstream release, which brings some updated icons, and appcenter, where the new version brings new categories and updated graphics.

  • this week in fedora (2018w52)

    Due to the holidays and a short vacation, this was a pretty quiet week. The only new update is – finally – the latest version of syncthing.

  • this week in fedora (2018w51)

    This has been a busy week. But most importantly, I’ve now gone through the entire backlog of outstanding updates, and everything is on its way to the stable fedora repositories! This includes an updated granite package (with a downstream patch to make sure no third-party applications unexpectedly break), and all the delayed package updates that were held up by this.

  • this week in fedora (2018w50)

    Another week, another batch of updates and fixes. There’s new features for the sequeler SQL client, improved settings plugs for switchboard, bug fixes for the Date & Time indicator for wingpanel, and first steps toward fixing the broken window menus for applications in gala.

  • this week in fedora (2018w49)

    There were only a few elementary-related updates for fedora this week, all of them fixing some small issues or improving upon the current behavior, but no major changes stand out.

  • this week in fedora (2018w48)

    This week, I pushed various small improvements for my elementary packages, including fixes for small annoyances, and bug-fix updates. I also updated one of my ruby and golang packages to the latest version, respectively. The Magic Wormhole file transfer client is now available on fedora, thanks to some very quick package reviews. Also, fedora 27 has reached its end-of-life on Friday.

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