• this week in fedora (2019w12)

    Another week, another round of updates. Nothing special here - except that I was finally able to build the latest version of the elementary Photos application for fedora 30 and rawhide. There are also some updates for rubygem packages in preparation for the upcoming 4.0 release of jekyll.

  • this week in fedora (2019w11)

    Taking the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to claim that this was another pretty average week. There’s some build fixes for fedora rawhide, some updated ruby, python, and elementary packages - both for official fedora packages, and for packages that I maintain in my COPR repositories.

  • this week in fedora (2019w10)

    There’s something for everybody in this report. Bug fixes for elementary applications, packaging fixes for Pantheon desktop components, updated ruby packages, the latest version of Syncthing, etc. The “Pantheon Desktop” Change for fedora 30 also looks like it will make it (albeit with slightly reduced scope, compared to the initial proposal).

  • this week in fedora (2019w09)

    Here’s another average week’s worth of fedora updates. Theres some elementary package updates, one python update, and so on. Pretty boring stuff. There’s just a bit more noise than usual, because fedora 30 has been branched off from rawhide - so, where there usually were one or two updates per package, there are now two or three (or four).

  • this week in fedora (2019w08)

    Another average week is over. I updated some elementary packages, and some python packages for fedora. I also tagged a new prerelease version of the Pantheon session settings in preparation for fedora 30.

  • this week in fedora (2019w07)

    This weeks brings a bunch of updates for elementary packages, but mostly minor bug-fix releases.

  • this week in fedora (2019w06)

    A quiet week results in a short report: I pushed some minor updates for elementary packages, updated the syncthing package to the latest version, and hopefully fixed issues around using the Paper icon theme with flatpak applications on fedora.

  • this week in fedora (2019w05)

    Last week, I’ve pushed a multitude of various packages to both the official fedora repositories, and my COPR repositories. They include fixes for elementary desktop applications (Photos and Files) and components (Wingpanel indicators and Switchboard plugs). There were also some updates for “made for elementary” applications, and miscellaneous python and golang package updates.

  • this week in fedora (2019w04)

    This week, I’ve again worked on getting some python packages in fedora up to speed before I can submit poetry as a package to fedora. Also, the usual miscellaneous updates for elementary and “made for elementary” packages were pushed to the appropriate repositories.

  • this week in fedora (2019w03)

    This week, I’ve added two new python packages to fedora in preparation for packaging poetry, and pushed other minor updates for some packages. There were also two updates for the Appcenter packages I maintain in my COPR repository (alias and Spice-up).

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