• this week in fedora (2019w26)

    This week, we’ve finally made some progress with the packages maintained by the Stewardship SIG - and pushed updates for nine of our about 200 packages to rawhide.

  • this week in fedora (2019w25)

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  • this week in fedora (2019w24)

    Nope, no updates this week. I’ve been busy behind the scenes, preparing some updates and pull requests for Stewardship SIG Java packages.

  • this week in fedora (2019w23)

    I’ve been busy working on stuff behind the scenes that’s not yet ready to publish this week. Primarily, working on some of my rust crates, and trying to get some pull requests for the Stewardship SIG packages into good shape for submission. So, there’s only a few minor updates for fedora packages this week.

  • this week in fedora (2019w22)

    It’s time to wrap up an interesting week – this time, there’s more updates for the packages of the Stewardship SIG to report on than than updates for my own packages … strange times, indeed.

  • this week in fedora (2019w21)

    Another quiet week with random minor updates. The only interesting thing might be that we (the Stewardship SIG) have started to work on our adopted packages to fix some issues and maybe even bring the Java stack a bit more up-to-date.

  • this week in fedora (2019w20)

    Well, another week went by, with a list of pretty average changes. Some updates for elementary and Pantheon packages, and some ruby and python updates.

  • this week in fedora (2019w19)

    It has been a quiet week – there are only three noteworthy updates to report, and one of them is for a new version of one of my own projects 😉️ Probably most interesting are the bug-fix commits that went into the new snapshot build of the gala window manager.

  • Pantheon on fedora 30 Guide

    Now that fedora 30 has been officially released (on time!), and I had some additional time to fix some last-minute bugs affecting the Pantheon session, I feel like it’s time to finally write and publish this “Guide”.

  • this week in fedora (2019w18)

    It feels like this week I’ve been more busy with administrative work and bug hunting than with doing actual packaging work. Still, there’s some bug-fix updates for elementary components, go and python libraries, and some updates for the packages in my COPR repositories.

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