• Stewardship SIG Report (September 2019)

    The month of September was a bit more quiet regarding the activity of the Stewardship SIG, though we again managed to push some important changes and updates, both to reduce the number of packages we possibly need to maintain, and to bring the whole stack into better shape and more up-to-date again.

  • this month in fedora (September 2019)

    So, September was a pretty busy month, with lots of activity in all the areas where I’m working on packages. There were a handful of new releases of elementary projects, new Ruby packages and finally landing Jekyll 4 in fedora, some Golang package updates, and some work on python packages, as well.

  • Stewardship SIG Report (August 2019)

    Whoop, this report is a bit late, but I still want to give a summary of what the Stewardship SIG has been up to in August. TL;DR: We reduced the number of outdated packages from about 55% to about 45% and introduced some changes to limit the number of packages that we’re going to have to maintain in the future.

  • this month in fedora (August 2019)

    Alright, it’s time for another report! I’ve decided to make this a monthly thing instead of publishing this stuff every week for various reasons (and it’s more efficient this way). Either way, a lot of stuff happened in August.

  • this week in fedora (2019w30)

    After the pretty boring report last week, this one brings only one update for an elementary package and one minor python package fix. But a big part of what I have been doing this week was working on a lot of Java packages – both to allow us to drop some unused dependencies, and to fix builds before the mass rebuild for fedora 31 happened at the end of the week.

  • this week in fedora (2019w29)

    This week’s report might remind you of ye good olde times! There’s updates for some elementary packages, bringing the latest and greatest – or, in some other cases, bug fixes – to Pantheon desktop environments on a fedora system near you.

  • this week in fedora (2019w28)

    Another busy week, another late report 🙉️ But this time, there really are some updates for everybody. Both Jekyll and Syncthing got updates to the latest versions, there’s updates for random python, ruby, and golang packages, and some minor bug-fix updates for elementary packages. In addition to that, we’ve worked to get some more Java packages maintained by the Stewardship SIG updated, as well.

  • this week in fedora (2019w27)

    Looks like things are getting back to normal with a pretty average week. There’s some updates for elementary packages, and one updated ruby gem. Changes include an update that finally fixes the Geoclue2 agent in Pantheon, and brings updated and extended language support to the rouge code highlighting library.

  • this week in fedora (2019w26)

    This week, we’ve finally made some progress with the packages maintained by the Stewardship SIG - and pushed updates for nine of our about 200 packages to rawhide.

  • this week in fedora (2019w25)

    Nothing to see here, move along.

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