• Stewardship SIG Report (February 2020)

    In February, the Stewardship SIG was again busy delivering changes for the not-so-ancient-anymore Java stack in fedora - including some new releases and cleaning up some cruft.

  • this month in fedora (February 2020)

    So, turns out, February was a pretty busy month, with a lot of updates for a varied bunch of packages - including Poetry and other python packages, Syncthing, some new Rust packages, and the usual flurry of updates for elementary projects.

  • Stewardship SIG Report (January 2020)

    We only pushed a few Java package updates in January, including some minor updates for the Jackson stack.

  • this month in fedora (January 2020)

    Many changes and little time, so read on and click some links for more information.

  • Stewardship SIG Report (December 2019)

    December was a quiet month for the Stewardship SIG. On the one hand, clocks seem to tick slower this time of year in general, and on the other hand, some policy decisions around the future of Modularity in fedora made us put our work on the slow burner for now. However, there’s at least some newsworthy things to share.

  • this month in fedora (December 2019)

    With the holidays at the end of the month and the scent of Glühwein in the air, December ended up being probably the most quiet month of 2019. There’s only a few noteworthy package updates, but overall, it’s been the same as always, just fewer packages overall.

  • Stewardship SIG Report (November 2019)

    There’s a lot of changes that we pushed in November, and there’s little time to talk about them, so here’s a list of all the updates we submitted to fedora in November.

  • this month in fedora (November 2019)

    November was a busy month. Almost all elementary projects got new releases, and there was the usual amount of package updates for golang, python, and rubygem packages.

  • Stewardship SIG Report (October 2019)

    It’s a bit late, but here’s the complete run-down of what the Stewardship SIG accomplished during the month of October.

  • this month in fedora (October 2019)

    October seems to have been a pretty average month with respect to the distribution of updates (some elementary stuff, some ruby, some python, some golang packages), but the total number of updates seems to have been slightly below average.

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