December was a quiet month for the Stewardship SIG. On the one hand, clocks seem to tick slower this time of year in general, and on the other hand, some policy decisions around the future of Modularity in fedora made us put our work on the slow burner for now. However, there’s at least some newsworthy things to share.

The maintainer of the apache-commons-logging package merged my proposed change to drop support for the Avalon framework. This allows us to drop a few old and no longer supported packages.

package version release changes
apache-commons-logging 1.2 19.fc32 disable avalon support by default

We’re also working with Mat Booth to get non-modular Eclipse packages working again! We started by un-retiring a few packages that are still required:

  • auto
  • cbi-plugins
  • decentxml
  • glassfish-jsp
  • takari-polyglot
  • xml-maven-plugin

Mat then pushed some necessary updates to the non-modular branches that were previously only available on the modular branches. With those changes in place, I think we’re on a good path towards making sure Eclipse will work again soon without having to rely on Modularity.

package version release changes
xml-maven-plugin 1.0.2 4.fc32, 4.fc31 package unretirement
auto 1.5.4 1.fc32, 1.fc31 package unretirement