In February, the Stewardship SIG was again busy delivering changes for the not-so-ancient-anymore Java stack in fedora - including some new releases and cleaning up some cruft.

The updates included some minor bug-fix updates for woodstox-core, sisu, and univocity-parsers, the stable 2.0.0 release of qdox where fedora shipped pre-release versions for a while, and the latest versions of some Plexus POMs.

package version release changes
woodstox-core 6.0.3 1.fc33 6.0.2 → 6.0.3
sisu 0.3.4 1.fc33 0.3.3 → 0.3.4
univocity-parsers 2.8.4 1.fc33 2.8.3 → 2.8.3
qdox 2.0.0 1.fc33 2.0~M9 → 2.0.0
plexus-pom 6.1 1.fc33 5.1 → 6.1
plexus-components-pom 6.1 1.fc33 4.0 → 6.1
plexus-compiler 2.8.6 1.fc33 2.8.5 → 2.8.6

We also managed to port Log4J to some breaking changes that were introduced in the latest versions of SLF4J.

package version release changes
log4j 2.13.0 3.fc33, 3.fc32 adapt to newest slf4j versions

I also continued to work on dropping dependencies on the sonatype-oss-parent package - which was marked as deprecated() long ago. With these changes, none of the packages that are maintained by the Stewardship SIG are depending on it directly, though some still depend on sonatype-oss-parent transitively.

package version release changes
guava 25.0 7.fc33 drop unnecessary dependency on parent POM
guava20 20.0 12.fc33 drop unnecessary dependency on parent POM
testng 6.14.3 11.fc33 drop unnecessary dependency on parent POM