Another busy week, another late report 🙉️ But this time, there really are some updates for everybody. Both Jekyll and Syncthing got updates to the latest versions, there’s updates for random python, ruby, and golang packages, and some minor bug-fix updates for elementary packages. In addition to that, we’ve worked to get some more Java packages maintained by the Stewardship SIG updated, as well.

fedora updates

ruby packages

The jekyll project published probably one of the last stable releases – before jekyll 4 will succeed these older versions – to address minor bugs and to fix a small security issue.

package version release changes
rubygem-jekyll 3.8.6 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 3.8.5 → 3.8.6

Accompanying the jekyll update is a minor update for the rouge syntax highlighting library, which again adds support for some new languages, and fixes minor issues.

package version release changes
rubygem-rouge 3.6.0 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 3.5.1 → 3.6.0

python packages

The latest version of the pyrsistent python package contains a small number of fixes for unexpected behavior in edge cases and makes the build system more robust – updated packages are on their way to rawhide and fedora 30.

package version release changes
python-pyrsistent 0.15.3 1.fc31, 1.fc30 0.15.2 → 0.15.3

golang packages

A new stable release of Syncthing was published last week, and I’ve updated the fedora packages accordingly. There’s some changes in the default behavior, fixes for some bugs, some new features (including support for QUIC transport). This release also includes support for automatic crash reporting, which can be configured via the web interface.

package version release changes
syncthing 1.2.0 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 1.1.4 → 1.2.0

I also updated the golang package to an up-to-date snapshot of the git master branch, which brings two fixes for minor issues to the fedora package.

package version release changes
golang-github-syncthing-notify 0 0.9.20190710git69c7a95.fc31, 0.8.20190710git69c7a95.fc30, 0.6.20190710git69c7a95.fc29 116c45b → 69c7a95

elementary packages

The latest version of the Session indicator for Wingpanel brings some fixes for minor bugs, including a workaround for unstyled Shutdown dialog window in the greeter.

package version release changes
wingpanel-indicator-session 2.2.4 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 2.2.3 → 2.2.4

After almost a year without any activity, a new release of the cerbere session watchdog for Pantheon was published. It contains fixes for changed session termination behavior and will no longer try to restart session components while the user is logging out.

package version release changes
cerbere 2.5.0 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 0.2.4 → 2.5.0

stewardship-sig packages

I’ve also been busy working on getting more of the packages that are maintained by the Stewardship SIG up to date again. To start things off, I pushed changes to both jline1 and xbean to fix build issues in rawhide.

package version release changes
jline1 1.0 19.fc31 fix FTBFS issue on rawhide
xbean 4.9 3.fc31 fix FTBFS issue on 32bit arches

Additionally, I un-retired the apache-mime4j package, which is still needed for some parts of the PKI stack.

package version release changes
apache-mime4j 0.8.1 4.fc31 un-retire package

Finally, after getting positive reviews for my Pull Requests, I merged version updates for another five packages into rawhide.

package version release changes
apache-commons-daemon 1.2.0 1.fc31 1.0.15 → 1.2.0
plexus-utils 3.2.0 1.fc31 3.1.0 → 3.2.0
apiguardian 1.1.0 1.fc31 1.0.0 → 1.1.0
maven-source-plugin 3.1.0 1.fc31 3.0.1 → 3.1.0
jaxen 1.2.0 1.fc31 1.1.6 → 1.2.0

There’s still a lot of work ahead, because even with the updates pushed in the past few weeks, about 50% of the packages that are maintained by the Stewardship SIG are still out of date.

It’s also difficult to keep on top of things lately, because the release monitoring service used for automatically tracking new upstream releases for fedora has been broken for some weeks. For now, I’m using for getting notified of new releases.