After the pretty boring report last week, this one brings only one update for an elementary package and one minor python package fix. But a big part of what I have been doing this week was working on a lot of Java packages – both to allow us to drop some unused dependencies, and to fix builds before the mass rebuild for fedora 31 happened at the end of the week.

fedora updates

The latest release of the Session indicator for Wingpanel contains fixes for some minor issues. Additionally, Logout and Shutdown dialog windows now close when pressing the Esc key. Updates with this version will be available on all current fedora releases soon.

package version release changes
wingpanel-indicator-session 2.2.5 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 2.2.4 → 2.2.5

I’ve also fixed builds of the txtorcon python package, which started to fail to build with version 19.2.1 of twisted. Turns out that this uncovered old issues in the unit tests.

package version release changes
python-txtorcon 19.0.0 5.fc31 fix compatibility with twised 19.2.1

Stewardship SIG updates

This week, we were again able to put some work into the packages maintained by the Stewardship SIG.

First, we worked on reducing package dependencies by disabling support for the Groovy scripting language where it was unused.

package version release changes
jackson 1.9.11 16.fc31 remove groovy 1.8 dependency
testng 6.14.3 8.fc31 disable groovy support
maven-script-interpreter 1.2 3.fc31 disable groovy support
maven-invoker-plugin 1.10 10.fc31 disable groovy support
apache-commons-jci 1.1 9.fc31 disable groovy support

I also made a small change to the openjpa package to fix its builds on fedora rawhide.

package version release changes
openjpa 2.4.1 11.fc31 regenerate BRs to fix builds

We were also able to push two minor version updates, which were already available from modular branches. We hope to be able to keep normal fedora packages and modular branches from diverging too far.

package version release changes
apache-commons-collections4 4.4 1.fc31 4.1 → 4.4
maven-wagon 3.3.3 1.fc31 3.2.0 → 3.3.3

I also submitted some changes to packages to fix build issues they had on rawhide in preparation for the mass rebuild. In apache-commons-vfs, we removed the unused support for hadoop filesystems (because hadoop is broken in rawhide). To fix xstream, we disabled the unused support for the Hibernate persistence library (which is not installable on rawhide right now), and to fix builds of lz4-java, all that was needed was to add a previously missing build dependency on gcc.

package version release changes
apache-commons-vfs 2.1 15.fc31 disable hadoop support to fix FTBFS issue
lz4-java 1.3.0 12.fc31, 12.fc30, 11.fc29 require gcc to fix FTBFS issues
xstream 3.fc31 disable hibernate support

Another change we made to the apache-commons-vfs package a few days later was to drop the unused support for FTP, which allows us to drop the broken mina-ftpserver package again.

package version release changes
apache-commons-vfs 2.1 16.fc31 disable ftp support