I’ve been busy working on stuff behind the scenes that’s not yet ready to publish this week. Primarily, working on some of my rust crates, and trying to get some pull requests for the Stewardship SIG packages into good shape for submission. So, there’s only a few minor updates for fedora packages this week.

fedora updates

I updated the fedora package of Syncthing to the latest stable version, which contains a good amount of bug fixes and enhancements, as usual (for more details, the release notes for this version are linked below, as always).

package version release changes
syncthing 1.1.4 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 1.1.3 → 1.1.4

I pushed the latest version of the elementary Terminal to fedora, as well. This release brings some minor improvements for keyboard shortcuts, among other things.

package version release changes
elementary-terminal 5.3.5 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 5.3.4 → 5.3.5

Lastly, a new release of Wingpanel was published this week, as well. I already submitted updated packages to fedora. This version brings some fixes for setting focus to launched applications, and fixes the panel transparency calculation with the latest versions of mutter.

package version release changes
wingpanel 2.2.5 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 2.2.4 → 2.2.5