Another week, another round of updates. I probably spent most time on making sure the Pantheon session will work correctly on the upcoming release of fedora 30 – which included me backporting some functionality from GNOME 3.32 to my compatibility package for mutter 3.28, because why wouldn’t it …

fedora updates

elementary packages

As always, there was an urgent last-minute change necessary to make sure the Pantheon session would work on the imminent, next release of fedora. This time, GNOME 3.32 components (gnome-settings-daemon and gsettings-desktop-schemas) moved functionality around (into mutter itself), which made my mutter328 compatibility package for Pantheon crash and die - which is, obviously, bad.

Since gala (the Pantheon window manager) still doesn’t support mutter versions 3.30 and newer, the only thing I could do was to effectively backport some of the necessary changes to my package for mutter 3.28. While I was at it, I included all changes from the upstream gnome-3-28 branch into the fedora package, as well, to pull in all the latest bug-fixes that weren’t part of any release yet.

I didn’t find any issues with my updated package since I built it, so I already pushed it to the stable repository for fedora 30, so it will hopefully be available on release day (and I still hope that nothing else blows up in the meantime, and that I didn’t introduce new bugs while backporting the necessary changes).

package version release changes
mutter328 3.28.3 7.fc31, 7.fc30 port to GNOME 3.32

I also backported another fix for the elementary LightDM greeter to fix some visual issues and glitches by hard-coding the elementary GTK and icon themes. This change will also be part of the next stable release of elementary-greeter, which will also feature a big redesign (and a whole lot of new bugs 😣️).

package version release changes
elementary-greeter 3.3.1 3.fc31, 3.fc30, 2.fc29 hard-code GTK and icon theme

I also updated the package for the Display settings plug for Switchboard to the latest version, which features updated translations, and nothing else.

package version release changes
switchboard-plug-display 2.1.8 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.1.7 → 2.1.8

The latest version of Wingpanel brings a fix for correctly updating the panel state when windows are moved from one workspace to another. I’ve pushed updated packages to all currently supported releases of fedora.

package version release changes
wingpanel 2.2.4 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.2.3 → 2.2.4

python packages

I also updated the pyrsistent python package to the latest version, which brings improvements for type hints, and drops support for python 3.4. The updated packages will be available on fedora 30 and newer.

package version release changes
python-pyrsistent 0.15.1 1.fc31, 1.fc30 0.14.11 → 0.15.1

COPR packages

I updated my COPR package for the aesop PDF reader to the latest version, which contains fixes around file type associations, window sizing issues, and broken translation support.

package version release changes
aesop 1.1.1 1 1.1.0 → 1.1.1

I also updated the quilter Markdown editor this week – twice. The new versions bring updated and new translations, and fixes for data loss in some circumstances.

package version release changes
quilter 1.8.3 1 1.8.2 → 1.8.3
quilter 1.8.4 1 1.8.3 → 1.8.4