Nope, no updates this week. I’ve been busy behind the scenes, preparing some updates and pull requests for Stewardship SIG Java packages.

I finally got around to collecting (hopefully) all pending package updates, or at least the ones that are tracked by the fedora release monitoring system. The complete list is now available via the Stewardsip SIG pagure project.

Since it would be great if we could get the Java stack in fedora into better shape again, I started working my way through the pending updates list, checking whether some of them could be updated without going through too much trouble.

So, that’s exactly what I did - starting with minor version updates, I’ve now finished the preparations for nine pull requests already. I also ran test rebuilds of everything that depends on the packages in question to try to catch any issues or incompatibilities with the updates, but everything looks good so far – after modifying some pull requests with additional minor fixes.

The current list of pending pull requests includes:

Once they have been reviewed and merged, I will try to continue working on getting the remaining Stewardship SIG packages up to speed, as well (the list of pending updates is still much too long, if you ask me).