Well, another week went by, with a list of pretty average changes. Some updates for elementary and Pantheon packages, and some ruby and python updates.

fedora updates

The upstream developer tagged a new version of the pyrsistent python package with fixes for some minor bugs. Updated packages are on their way to fedora 30 and rawhide.

package version release changes
python-pyrsistent 0.15.2 1.fc31, 1.fc30 0.15.1 → 0.15.2

I also updated the Vocal Podcast player to the latest stable version, which fixes seeking within a playing episode using the progress bar.

package version release changes
vocal 2.4.1 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 2.4.0 → 2.4.1

The latest version of the elementary application menu (Slingshot) brings some minor improvements, including improved keyword search and keyboard navigation.

package version release changes
wingpanel-applications-menu 2.4.3 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 2.4.2 → 2.4.3

This release of Photos now includes the fixed fix for building against the latest version of the GExiv2 library, which I previously carried downstream.

package version release changes
elementary-photos 2.6.4 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 2.6.3 → 2.6.4

There’s also an update to the latest version of the jekyll-seo-tag rubygem package, which contains only cosmetic changes, but prepares support for the next major version of Jekyll.

package version release changes
rubygem-jekyll-seo-tag 2.6.1 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 2.6.0 → 2.6.1

COPR updates

A new release of NaSC was tagged this week, which includes some minor improvements. It’s available from my elementary-appcenter COPR repository now.

package version release changes
nasc 0.5.4 1 0.5.2 → 0.5.4