fedora updates

This week the following packages / updates were submitted for fedora 25, 26, rawhide (and 24) - among them some elementary packages and syncthing dependencies.

  • golang-github-cznic-fileutil (0-0.2.git90cf820, initial package)
  • golang-github-cznic-sortutil(0-0.1.git4c73428, initial package)
  • golang-github-cznic-strutil (0-0.1.git43a8959, initial package)
  • golang-github-calmh-du (1.0.1-1, update to latest upstream release)
  • golang-github-calmh-xdr (2.0.1-1, update to latest upstream release)
  • impallari-raleway-fonts (3.0-1.git, initial package)
  • wingpanel (2.0.2-2, update for a packaging fix)
  • pantheon-greeter (3.1.1-4, initial package)

COPR updates

I have rebuilt all packages that are available in my elementary-stable repository for fedora 26 (they were available only for f25 until this week). There are some build failures, but all of those (except 1) should get fixed with the next upstream release already (as you can see in the elementary-nightly COPR). Additionally, this update was pushed to the syncthing COPR repository:

  • syncthing (0.14.26-1, update to latest upstream bugfix release)

Ongoing work

I’m still pushing syncthing dependencies to the fedora repositories. The bottleneck right now is getting my packages reviewed, since almost all the work on my side is already done (I have syncthing building against system libraries on my local system already). You can read more about that here.

Additionally, I might start looking at the remaining elementary packages more closely next week, and I might start publishing review requests for those where I am confident enough that they work on fedora as they are expected to do. A complete list of all missing packages - along with some of the remaining issues - can be found at the elementary-stable COPR page.