I’ve been providing builds of syncthing via my COPR repository for 18 months now (since version 0.11.24). Recently, I’ve been working on providing an official syncthing package for fedora (24, 25, 26, rawhide), with RHBZ#1427634 as a tracking bug. As part of that effort, I’ve decided to enable building the syncthing server tools (strelaysrv, strelaypoolsrv and stdiscosrv) for fedora, too.

Packaging dependencies

The upstream syncthing releases (and git repository) bundle quite a number of go libraries (and the number is growing a bit with each release).

Since the current fedora Packaging Guidelines strongly discourage building against bundled dependencies, it is not an option to continue building syncthing the way it’s currently built for my COPR repository. Some of the dependencies were already available on fedora, but most needed initial packaging.

New official fedora packages

The packages providing the following go libraries are now officialy available on all current fedora releases:

Pending package requests

Other packages are still in the process of being reviewed prior to being added to fedora:

Additional packages

There are some additional tools for use with syncthing. I have some preliminary builds of those in my syncthing COPR repository, and I’m preparing them for inclusion into fedora, too.

  • QSyncthingTray: QT5 tray icon
  • syncthing-gtk: GTK+3 interface and tray icon
  • syncthing-inotify: filesystem watcher daemon; review request at RHBZ#1431868

How to help

I still need somebody to review my pending package requests, so if you are a fedora contributor and in the “packager” group, I would greatly appreciate any reviews of my pending (mostly standard, gofed-generated golang packages) packages!