Another week, another report 📑️! The changes mostly look like an average week of updates for elementary applications and Pantheon desktop components, with some packaging improvements for other packages sprinkled on top.

fedora updates

As part of the effort to clean up the “Pantheon Desktop” package group, and to make sure it will always be installable alongside an existing Desktop Environment, I’ve made some adjustments to the signon-glib package so it still supports both the signond and gsignond services, but prefers the gsignond package if neither is already installed. This way, no unnecessary Qt5 packages will be pulled in if they aren’t already installed.

package version release changes
signon-glib 2.1 3.fc31, 3.fc30 prefer gsignond over signond

I also updated the light-locker screensaver and screen locking service to the latest version. It features some bug fixes and removes some features that were not enabled on fedora anyway. This release also adds support for the meson build system and prepares for future improvements.

package version release changes
light-locker 1.9.0 1.fc31, 1.fc30 1.8.0 → 1.9.0

I updated the Files application to the latest upstream release, which contains minor bug fixes and updated translations.

package version release changes
elementary-files 4.1.7 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 4.1.6 → 4.1.7

Some settings plugs for Switchboard were also updated this week. The changes include updated translations, bug fixes, and some added settings in the Mouse and Touchpad settings.

package version release changes
switchboard-plug-sound 2.2.1 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.2.0 → 2.2.1
switchboard-plug-bluetooth 2.2.2 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.2.1 → 2.2.2
switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad 2.2.0 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.1.4 → 2.2.0

The latest upstream release of Dippi, the screen DPI calculator, is now also available in Spanish and Dutch.

package version release changes
dippi 2.7.3 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.7.1 → 2.7.3

The Vocal Podcast application had a big release this week - it includes a lot of new features, stability and performance improvements, so just go and read the upstream announcement for version 2.4.0.

package version release changes
vocal 2.4.0 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.3.0 → 2.4.0

COPR updates

I also updated my packaging for the Quilter Markdown editor to the latest upstream release, which contains some fixes for application crashes and other issues.

package version release changes
quilter 1.8.1 1 1.8.0 → 1.8.1