Another average week is over. I updated some elementary packages, and some python packages for fedora. I also tagged a new prerelease version of the Pantheon session settings in preparation for fedora 30.

fedora updates

elementary packages

I updated the granite packaging for fedora to fix a typo in my downstream patch, which I was made aware of by a developer for NixOS - where this patch is also used.

package version release changes
granite 5.2.3 2.fc30, 2.fc29 fix typo in DateTime GSettings patch

I pushed an update for the Wingpanel Night Light indicator, which includes updated translations.

package version release changes
wingpanel-indicator-nightlight 2.0.2 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.0.1 → 2.0.2

The latest version of the Screenshot tool includes more robust handling around the “redacted” font, and also includes updated translations.

package version release changes
elementary-screenshot-tool 1.6.2 1.fc31, 1.fc30, 1.fc29 1.6.1 → 1.6.2

I pushed the latest version of the Pantheon session settings to fedora 30 and 31 to merge changes that will be included in GNOME 3.32.

package version release changes
pantheon-session-settings 29.90 1.fc31, 1.fc30 29.0 → 29.90

I also pushed the latest version of the notejot desktop note taking application to fedora - but only to unreleased branches, since it changes the default storage location for notes, and so notes might be lost - which makes this unsuitable to be released as a stable fedora update.

If there’s interest (or more bug fix releases in the future), I might patch notejot to use the “old” storage location on fedora 28 and 29, allowing me to push updates there, as well.

package version release changes
notejot 1.5.5 1.fc31, 1.fc30 1.5.4 → 1.5.5

python packages

I’ve updated the pyrsistent python package to the latest version as well - it includes fixes for some minor issues, and marks the package as compatible with newer versions of its dependencies.

package version release changes
python-pyrsistent 0.14.11 1.fc31, 1.fc30 0.14.9 → 0.14.11

The final version 3.0.0 of the jsonschema python package was released this week, and I’ve updated the packages for fedora 30 and 31 to this version, where previous beta releases were already available.

package version release changes
python-jsonschema 3.0.0 1.fc31, 1.fc30 3.0.0b3 → 3.0.0

COPR updates

I’ve pushed packages for the latest version of the quilter Markdown editor to my elementary-appcenter COPR repository.

package version release changes
quilter 1.7.0 1 1.6.8 → 1.7.0

Project updates

As mentioned above, I released version 29.90 of the Pantheon session settings for fedora, which includes regenerated session and autostart settings for what will be fedora 30 (which will ship with GNOME 3.32). For now, this pre-release is based on what was available on fedora 30 at the time I prepared this release.

No big changes are included, but it’s the first time that I’ve used my new “automagic” generator for these files. If I’ve missed any issues, please report them in the appropriate issue tracker.