This has been a busy week. But most importantly, I’ve now gone through the entire backlog of outstanding updates, and everything is on its way to the stable fedora repositories! This includes an updated granite package (with a downstream patch to make sure no third-party applications unexpectedly break), and all the delayed package updates that were held up by this.

fedora updates

elementary updates

I’ve worked on updating the granite GTK+ extensions updated to the latest version (5.2.2). Since upstream versions 5.2.0 and later introduced a dependency on the wingpanel Date & Time indicator – which would result in a circular dependency involving most Pantheon DE components, and would mean that all (including third-party) applications that are built with granite would have to depend on almost all components of the Pantheon DE – or crash, when they used the “broken” functionality without Pantheon components being present.

I’ve been unable to resolve this problem in a way that was acceptable to the upstream developers yet. However, my work to port granite to use the meson build system instead of CMake has been accepted and merged. With this as a starting point, I’ve now patched the fedora builds of granite to not depend on Pantheon DE components for now.

The changes I made include moving the clock-format GSettings key that’s used by both the wingpanel Date & Time indicator and some date / time related functionality in granite into the granite package, and patching both these components to use the new path for this setting. This resolves both the circular dependency and the broken third-party applications, without impacting anything else. I’ve submitted the relevant packages to the fedora 29 repositories for testing.

The delayed update for granite also blocked updates for the latest releases of some elementary applications that depend on functionality that was added with version 5.2.0 - I’ve now updated all these packages for fedora 29, as well.

The following packages are still pending submission to the stable repository, and I’m going to let them sit in the testing repository for some more time, to make sure I didn’t break anything unexpected.

package version releases changes
granite 5.2.2 1.fc30, 1.fc29 5.1.0 → 5.2.2
elementary-code 3.0.1 1.fc30, 1.fc29 3.0 → 3.0.1
elementary-music 5.0.2 1.fc30, 1.fc29 5.0 → 5.0.2
elementary-terminal 5.3.3 1.fc30, 1.fc29 5.3.2 → 5.3.3
elementary-theme 5.2.1 1.fc30, 1.fc29 5.2.0 → 5.2.1
wingpanel-indicator-datetime 2.1.3 2.fc30, 2.fc29 adapt to granite 5.2.2

I’ve also pushed an update for the Pantheon GeoClue2 agent, which includes updated translations.

package version releases changes
pantheon-agent-geoclue2 1.0.1 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 1.0 → 1.0.1

I’ve updated my fedora packages for wingpanel and some of its indicators on fedora 28 and later, as well. These updates contain fixes for small issues, visual improvements, and updated translations, as well.

package version releases changes
wingpanel 2.2.1 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.2.0 → 2.2.1
wingpanel-indicator-session 2.2.2 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.2.1 → 2.2.2
wingpanel-indicator-bluetooth 2.1.2 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.1.1 → 2.1.2
wingpanel-indicator-sound 2.1.2 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.1.1 → 2.1.2

There also were two updates for switchboard plugs: The Desktop plug was updated to ignore all symlinks in the default system Wallpapers folder, which fixes some duplicates which were shown previously. The Display plug introduces some additional dials, including monitor refresh rate settings.

package version releases changes
switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell 2.8.0 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.7.2 → 2.8.0
switchboard-plug-display 2.1.6 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 2.1.5 → 2.1.6

application updates

The latest version of the notejot note-taking application now features undo and redo functionality, and it will soon be available from the stable repositories on fedora 28 and newer.

package version releases changes
notejot 1.5.3 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 1.5.1 → 1.5.3

This week’s release of the sequeler SQL client brings the usual assortment of various fixes and improvements, including a new fancy icon for the application.

package version releases changes
sequeler 0.6.5 1.fc30, 1.fc29, 1.fc28 0.6.4 → 0.6.5

COPR updates


Regarding the “made for elementary” applications not available from the official fedora repositories, I’ve pushed a minor update for the aesop PDF viewer.

package version release changes
aesop 1.0.8 1 1.0.7 → 1.0.8

The Notes-up note-taking app had two new releases this week, which both contain various improvements and fixes for bugs.

package version release changes
Notes-up 1.6.2 1 1.6.1 → 1.6.2
Notes-up 1.6.3 1 1.6.2 → 1.6.3