This week I’ve updated two packages to their latest upstream releases in fedora rawhide, and fixed one FTBFS issue that popped up with the fedora 29 mass rebuild. Additionally, I released a new version of the Pantheon session settings for fedora, which merges some upstream changes.

fedora updates

I updated the Pantheon session files to my latest release, which includes an updated list of default applications and an override to use the elementary sound theme.

package version release changes
pantheon-session-settings 28.91 1.fc29 28.90 → 28.91
rubygem-ruby-progressbar 1.10.0 1.fc29 1.9.0 → 1.10.0

I also was able to rebuild the golang package, since the recent 1.11beta3 release of golang fixed the problem which previously prevented successful builds.

package version release changes
golang-github-cznic-ql 1.1.0 4.20171122.git3f53e14.fc29 Rebuilt for go 1.11beta3

upstream releases

As mentioned above, I released an new version of pantheon-session-settings in preparation for fedora 29, which incorporates changes to the default applications, and also includes an override for the new elementary sound theme.