This week I fixed some more fallout from the fedora 29 mass rebuild, and I updated some packages to their latest releases.

fedora updates

The sasl and oauth plugins for gsignond needed patches to build with the latest versions of meson:

package version release changes
gsignond-plugin-oauth 0 0.5.20180513.git43fee49.fc29 Build patch
gsignond-plugin-oauth 0 0.5.20180513.git43fee49.fc28 Build patch
gsignond-plugin-sasl 0 0.5.20171111.git671022f.fc29 Build patch
gsignond-plugin-sasl 0 0.4.20171111.git671022f.fc28 Build patch

I updated the elementary video application and the rouge ruby gem to their latest upstream release on fedora rawhide:

package version release changes
elementary-videos 2.6.1 1.fc29 0.2.6 → 2.6.1
rubygem-rouge 3.2.0 1.fc29 3.1.1 → 3.2.0

Additionally, I updated gala to a newer snapshot on fedora 27 and 28 (it is currently missing support for the version of mutter available on rawhide), and I updated contractor to the latest release on every current release of fedora.

package version release changes
gala 0.3.1 0.6.20180729.git15f722a.fc28 9502677 → 15f722a
gala 0.3.1 0.6.20180729.git15f722a.fc27 9502677 → 15f722a
contractor 0.3.4 1.fc29 0.3.3 → 0.3.4
contractor 0.3.4 1.fc28 0.3.3 → 0.3.4
contractor 0.3.4 1.fc27 0.3.3 → 0.3.4