This week was kind of busy, and the next few weeks will be too, I think - a lot of elementary projects will see new releases in preparation for the beta release of elementaryOS 5.0, and I’ll be working on finally getting jekyll working and up to date again on fedora.

fedora updates

I’ve packaged two new elementary projects for fedora, which had their first stable releases this week - the GeoClue2 agent (which pops up a confirmation dialog when an application asks for the devices’ location), and the new elementary sound theme.

package version release changes
pantheon-agent-geoclue2 1.0 1.fc29 Initial package
pantheon-agent-geoclue2 1.0 1.fc28 Initial package
pantheon-agent-geoclue2 1.0 1.fc27 Initial package
elementary-sound-theme 1.0 1.fc29 Initial package
elementary-sound-theme 1.0 1.fc28 Initial package
elementary-sound-theme 1.0 1.fc27 Initial package

I’ve also updated the session settings to now require both the PolKit and GeoClue2 agents, so requests for location and authorization now work by default in the Pantheon session on fedora.

package version release changes
pantheon-session-settings 28.1 2.fc29 Added geoclue 2 agent
pantheon-session-settings 28.1 2.fc28 Added geoclue 2 agent
pantheon-session-settings 27.1 2.fc27 Added geoclue 2 agent

A stable update for the vala compiler (version 0.38.10) introduced a new build error for noise, which was already fixed on fedora 28 and later, where this issue occurred earlier. So, I included the upstream patch to fix the build on fedora 27, too.

package version release changes
noise 0.4.2 3.fc27 Fix FTBFS issue

I’ve updated the outdated jekyll-watch and jekyll-sass-converter rubygems packages on rawhide in preparation for updating jekyll to the latest version.

package version release changes
rubygem-jekyll-watch 2.0.0 1.fc29 Changelog
rubygem-jekyll-sass-converter 1.5.2 1.fc29 Changelog

The golang project received a fix for a possible deadlock issue upstream, which I backported to the fedora package just to be on the safe side.

package version release changes
golang-github-sasha-s-go-deadlock 0.2.0 3.fc29 Added upstream patch
golang-github-sasha-s-go-deadlock 0.2.0 3.fc28 Added upstream patch
golang-github-sasha-s-go-deadlock 0.2.0 2.fc27 Added upstream patch

An updated version of the cerbere watchdog for the Pantheon session was released. Additionally, I tagged a related pantheon-session-settings release for rawhide to account for changes in cerbere. Both packages were updated in fedora rawhide.

package version release changes
cerbere 0.2.3 1.fc29 Changelog
pantheon-session-settings 28.90 1.fc29 Changelog

I also updated the gala window manager to a newer git snapshot, which fixed building it against the unstable version of mutter present on rawhide (3.29+), and should resolve some issues with taking screenshots and HiDPI support.

package version release changes
gala 0.3.1 0.3.20180603.git3661cbd.fc29 Changelog
gala 0.3.1 0.3.20180603.git3661cbd.fc28 Changelog
gala 0.3.1 0.3.20180603.git3661cbd.fc27 Changelog

COPR updates

Due to an soname bump in the gnome-desktop3 package in fedora 28, I had to rebuild the switchboard-plug-locale and switchboard-plug-useraccounts packages in the elementary-stable COPR repository to fix install conflicts.

Project updates

As mentioned above, I released version 28.90 of pantheon-session-settings for fedora rawhide (and what will become fedora 29) to add compatibility with the latest version of cerbere.