This week, I’ve pushed the missing gsignond builds and rebuilds to rawhide, and updated the contractor package to the latest version. Additionally, I cleaned up my COPR repositories in preparation for fedora 26 reaching EOL status.

fedora updates

After my pull request for the glib2 package to include an upstream fix for a problem with meson-0.46 was merged and an updated package was built, I was able to build gsignond and its dependencies on fedora rawhide too, after these updates were already available on fedora 28.

package version release changes
gsignond 1.0.7 1.fc29 rawhide build only
gsignond-plugin-oauth 0 0.3.20171111.gitb36060b.fc29 rawhide build only
gsignond-plugin-sasl 0 0.3.20171111.git671022f.fc29 rawhide build only
switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts 0.3.1 1.fc29 rawhide build only

I also updated the contractor package to the latest minor upstream release, which included only minor fixes and improvements.

package version release changes
contractor 0.3.3 1.fc29 Changelog
contractor 0.3.3 1.fc28 Changelog
contractor 0.3.3 1.fc27 Changelog

COPR updates

I’ve disabled builds for fedora 26, which will enter EOL state in a few days. Additionally, I’ve removed pantheon-mail from both the elementary-stable and the elementary-nightly repository, since it was only buildable on fedora 26.

I’ve also removed the builds of editorconfig from both elementary COPR repositories, because the official fedora builds are now available from the stable repositories on fedora 27 and later.