This week was kind of busy - there are two new packages, compilation fixes for some older elementary packages, a bugfix update for the gala window manager, and the latest state of the gsignond packages to fix issues on fedora 28+.

fedora updates

I built two new packages after they went through the review process - golang-github-syncthing-notify is needed for updating syncthing to version 0.14.47, and editorconfig will be a dependency of scratch-text-editor / elementary-code with the upcoming release.

package version release changes
golang-github-syncthing-notify 0 0.1.20180502gitb9ceffc.fc29 Initial package
golang-github-syncthing-notify 0 0.1.20180502gitb9ceffc.fc28 Initial package
golang-github-syncthing-notify 0 0.1.20180502gitb9ceffc.fc27 Initial package
editorconfig 0.12.2 3.fc29 Initial package
editorconfig 0.12.2 3.fc28 Initial package
editorconfig 0.12.2 3.fc27 Initial package

I’ve also backported upstream fixes for pantheon-terminal, noise, and maya-calendar to fix compilation of those packages on fedora 28+.

package version release changes
pantheon-terminal 0.4.3 7.fc29 fixed f28+ FTBFS error
pantheon-terminal 0.4.3 7.fc28 fixed f28+ FTBFS error
noise 0.4.2 5.fc29 fixed f28+ FTBFS error
noise 0.4.2 5.fc28 fixed f28+ FTBFS error
maya-calendar 0.4.1 5.fc29 fixed f28+ FTBFS error
maya-calendar 0.4.1 5.fc28 fixed f28+ FTBFS error

I updated gala to a snapshot of the latest upstream git master branch, which includes some small bug fixes. However, the build for fedora rawhide is missing, since gala isn’t yet compatible with mutter from the 3.29 series.

package version release changes
gala 0.3.1 0.2.20180501.gitf02b776.fc28 Changelog
gala 0.3.1 0.2.20180501.gitf02b776.fc27 Changelog
gala 0.3.1 0.2.20180501.gitf02b776.fc26 Changelog

I’ve updated gsignond to the latest upstream version, which was releases just a few days ago. This release contains fixes that allow building this package on fedora 28+ again, which is why I’ve pushed the build of gsignond and all its dependent packages to fedora 28, too. However, builds for rawhide are still missing, since the meson update to 0.46 seems to have broken the builds there.

package version release changes
gsignond 1.0.7 1.fc28 Changelog
libgsignon-glib 2.4.1 5.20180412.git0df5ad7.fc29 Changelog
libgsignon-glib 2.4.1 5.20180412.git0df5ad7.fc28 Changelog
gsignond-plugin-oauth 0 0.3.20171111.gitb36060b.fc28 Changelog
gsignond-plugin-sasl 0 0.3.20171111.git671022f.fc28 Changelog
switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts 0.3.1 1.fc28 Changelog

COPR updates

I also applied the patch for the pantheon-terminal package in fedora to the elementary-terminal package in the elementary-nightly COPR repository to fix the builds on fedora 28+ there, too.

package version release changes
elementary-terminal 0.4.3+git180429.145241.53a15da1 2 fixed f28+ FTBFS error