This week, I’ve pushed updates for syncthing and one of its golang dependencies.

fedora updates

I’ve updated the golang library, which was required for the latest syncthing release. Both are now available on fedora 27+, but still not on fedora 26, where I’ve given up on syncthing builds because of recurrent strange build failures on secondary architectures.

package version release changes
golang-github-zillode-notify 0 0.9.20180313.gita4d89c1.fc29 Changelog
golang-github-zillode-notify 0 0.9.20180313.gita4d89c1.fc28 Changelog
golang-github-zillode-notify 0 0.8.20180313.gita4d89c1.fc27 Changelog
syncthing 0.14.46 1.fc29 Changelog
syncthing 0.14.46 1.fc28 Changelog
syncthing 0.14.46 1.fc27 Changelog