This week, I’ve published some updates for new upstream releases and new snapshot builds. Additionally, I’ve fixed some issues with rawhide builds and added some new packages to the elementary-stable COPR repository.

fedora updates

I’ve built new versions of the notejot and dippi packages, and I’ve updated gala to the latest state of git master, which brings some optimizations, bug fixes, and a switch to the meson build system.

package version release changes
notejot 1.4.0 1.fc29 Changelog
notejot 1.4.0 1.fc28 Changelog
notejot 1.4.0 1.fc27 Changelog
notejot 1.4.0 1.fc26 Changelog
gala 0.3.1 0.1.20180318.gita71e8c1.fc29 Changelog
gala 0.3.1 0.1.20180318.gita71e8c1.fc28 Changelog
gala 0.3.1 0.1.20180318.gita71e8c1.fc27 Changelog
gala 0.3.1 0.1.20180318.gita71e8c1.fc26 Changelog
dippi 2.6.1 1.fc29 Changelog
dippi 2.6.1 1.fc28 Changelog
dippi 2.6.1 1.fc27 Changelog
dippi 2.6.1 1.fc26 Changelog

I’ve also fixed the failing build of wingpanel-indicator-network in rawhide due to a wrong build dependency.

package version release changes
wingpanel-indicator-network 2.1.1 5.20171231.gitedd2b7a Rebuild with fixed BuildRequires

COPR updates

I’ve added some “made for elementary” packages which are not yet ready for inclusion in the official fedora repositories to my elementary-stable COPR repository. From there they can be easily installed and tested.

package version release changes
agenda 1.0.9 1 Initial package
nasc 0.4.6 1 Initial package
nimbus 0.2.0 1 Initial package
Spice-up 1.3.2 1 Initial package
tomato 2.0.2 1 Initial package