This week I’ve pushed updates to gala and wingpanel to pick up support for the GNOME 3.28 stack, and two upstream updates for syncthing-gtk and appcenter, which were primarily focused on bug fixes.

fedora updates

I’ve updated gala to a newer snapshot which includes support for the changes that came with GNOME (mutter) 3.28, and rebuilt wingpanel to pick up the support, too. The updates for fedora 28 were submitted as part of the GNOME 3.28 “megaupdate”, so no broken dependencies get introduced when the final stable GNOME 3.28 builds and the new gala and wingpanel builds land in the repository.

package version release changes
gala 0.3.0 1.20180311.git6d3253a.fc29 Changelog
gala 0.3.0 1.20180311.git6d3253a.fc28 Changelog
wingpanel 2.0.4 6.fc29 Rebuild with support for mutter 3.28
wingpanel 2.0.4 6.fc28 Rebuild with support for mutter 3.28

I’ve also updated syncthing-gtk and appcenter to the latest releases tagged by upstream this week. These builds include primarily bug fixes - more details in the linked release notes and change logs below.

package version release changes
syncthing-gtk 1.fc29 Changelog
syncthing-gtk 1.fc28 Changelog
syncthing-gtk 1.fc27 Changelog
syncthing-gtk 1.fc26 Changelog
appcenter 0.2.9 1.fc29 Changelog
appcenter 0.2.9 1.fc28 Changelog
appcenter 0.2.9 1.fc27 Changelog