This week, I’ve pushed some updates bringing new upstream releases to fedora, and cleaned up a variety of packages in preparation for the fedora 28 mass rebuild, which happened at the end of this week.

fedora updates

I’ve pushed updates for dippi and some golang libraries to fedora, but two of the latter only to rawhide so far. If they prove to be stable and not to cause any breakage, I’ll push them to stable fedora releases too.

package version release changes
dippi 2.5.3 1.fc28 Changelog
dippi 2.5.3 1.fc27 Changelog
dippi 2.5.3 1.fc26 Changelog
golang-github-petermattis-goid 0 0.7.20180202.gitb0b1615.fc28 Changelog
golang-github-petermattis-goid 0 0.7.20180202.gitb0b1615.fc27 Changelog
golang-github-petermattis-goid 0 0.5.20180202.gitb0b1615.fc26 Changelog
golang-github-xtaci-kcp-go 3.24 1.fc28 Changelog
golang-github-xtaci-kcp-go 3.24 1.fc27 Changelog
golang-github-xtaci-kcp-go 3.24 1.fc26 Changelog
golang-github-zillode-notify 0 0.7.20180204.gita8abcfb.fc28 Changelog
golang-github-zillode-notify 0 0.7.20180204.gita8abcfb.fc27 Changelog
golang-github-zillode-notify 0 0.5.20180204.gita8abcfb.fc26 Changelog
golang-github-sasha-s-go-deadlock 0.2.0 1.fc28 Version bump
golang-github-gobwas-glob 0.2.3 1.fc28 Changelog

I also had some local, uncommitted package cleanups waiting, and I decided I wanted to finally finish and commit them before the fedora 28 mass rebuild:

package version release changes
capnet-assist 0.2.1 5.fc28 Spec cleanup
cerbere 0.2.2 11.fc28 Spec cleanup
contractor 0.3.2 10.fc28 Spec cleanup
golang-github-ccding-go-stun 0.1.0 6.20171206.gitd9bbe8f.fc28 Spec cleanup
pantheon-agent-polkit 0.1.4 4.fc28 Spec cleanup
pantheon-calculator 0.1.3 3.fc28 Spec cleanup
switchboard 2.3.0 4.fc28 Spec cleanup
switchboard-plug-about 0.2.4 3.fc28 Spec cleanup
switchboard-plug-applications 0.1.2 5.fc28 Spec cleanup
switchboard-plug-bluetooth 0.1 6.fc28 Spec cleanup
switchboard-plug-keyboard 0.3.2 6.fc28 Spec cleanup
switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad 0.1.2 5.fc28 Spec cleanup
switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell 0.2.6 5.fc28 Spec cleanup