This week, I’ve primarily worked on fixing failing package builds due to compiler / toolchain changes on fedora rawhide. Additionally, I’ve added four new packages to the fedora repositories, and updated appcenter to the latest version, as well.

fedora updates

A recent update on fedora rawhide changed the default flags used for linking programs to explicitly fail when the linker encountered undefined symbols. This change uncovered some missing linker flags in my packages, which I fixed with the following builds:

package version release changes
wingpanel 2.0.4 4.fc28 added missing -lm flag
slingshot-launcher 2.2.0 5.fc28 added missing -lm flag
maya-calendar 0.4.1 3.fc28 added missing -lm flag
wingpanel-indicator-datetime 2.0.2 6.fc28 added missing -lm flag
wingpanel-indicator-power 2.1.1 6.fc28 added missing -lm flag
wingpanel-indicator-sound 2.0.5 5.fc28 added missing -lm flag

Additionally, some packages started failing to build because of false positives (generally, plugins that use symbols from the main binary). There I added the necessary flag to the RPM .spec files to disable this check, and rebuilt the packages for rawhide:

package version release changes
noise 0.4.2 3.fc28 disable undefined symbols check
switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts 6.20170417.git5a0270a.fc28 disable undefined symbols check
pantheon-photos 0.2.4 4.fc28 disable undefined symbols check
scratch-text-editor 2.4.1 8.fc28 disable undefined symbols check

The gala package also started failing to build because of this change, and - after some troubleshooting - the upstream developer found a typo in the build system that caused the failure (and we were both wondering how it ever worked in the first place). I’ve submitted the following snapshot build containing the fix to rawhide. Two days later, upstream added support for the new version of mutter available on rawhide, and I’ve submitted that as a new build, too:

package version release changes
gala 0.3.0 0.git140.d76c.fc28 build system typo fix
gala 0.3.0 0.git141.f90f.fc28 mutter 3.27+ support

I plan on letting those changes and fixes trickle down to stable fedora releases eventually (where appropriate), since the “undefined symbol” issues aren’t new, they just get reported now …

Unrelated to all these build fixes, I’ve submitted an update to appcenter and four new packages to fedora this week, all of which are really nice applications originally “made for elementary”, but now they’re also available on fedora:

package version release changes
dippi 2.5.1 1.fc28, 1.fc27, 1.fc26 initial package
harvey 0.1.8 1.fc28, 1.fc27, 1.fc26 initial package
sequeler 0.4.3 1.fc28, 1.fc27 initial package
notejot 1.3.8 1.fc28, 1.fc27, 1.fc26 initial package
appcenter 0.2.8 1.fc28, 1.fc27 Changelog

COPR updates

I’ve adapted the patch to remove the dependency on elementary-dpms-helper in switchboard-plug-power to the latest upstream changes, fixing builds again.