This week, I’ve submitted the last cleanup for the updated Packaging Guidelines (gala), syncthing was updated to the latest upstream release (v0.14.43), one golang package was updated to the latest release for go 1.10 compatibility (golang-github-chmduquesnne-rollinghash), and another has been updated to the latest git snapshot for the same reason in rawhide (golang-github-cznic-b).

fedora updates

I’ve submitted the following packages to the fedora repositories:

package version release changes
gala 0.3.0 0.git139.439f.3 (F27, F26) Spec cleanups
syncthing 0.14.43 1 (F27, F26) Changelog
golang-github-chmduquesne-rollinghash 3.0.1 1 (F27, F26) Changelog)

The last remaining package (gala) has been adapted to the revised Packaging Guidelines (concerning the use of icon cache generation scriptlets).

COPR updates

The following upstream changes, the noise package in the elementary-nightly COPR repository has been renamed to elementary-music.