This week, I’ve published the latest stable release of the github.com/oschwald/maxminddb-golang golang package, a bug fix update for gala, and various updates for elementary packages containing cleanups after the fedora Packaging Guildelines have been recently amended concerning the use of scriptlets for icon cache regeneration.

Additionally, the differences between the official fedora packages and the packages in the elementary-nightly COPR repository should now be smaller, as I have synchronized the RPM .spec files that are used to build the nightly builds with the ones used for the official packages.

fedora updates

I’ve submitted the following packages to the fedora repositories:

package version release changes
gala 0.3.0 0.git139.439f.2 (F27, F26) Changelog
golang-github-oschwald-maxminddb-golang 1.2.1 1 (F27, F26) Changelog
granite 0.5 2 (F27) Spec cleanups
granite 0.4.1 2 (F26) Spec cleanups
maya-calendar 0.4.1 2 (F27) Spec cleanups
noise 0.4.2 2 (F27, F26) Spec cleanups
screenshot-tool 0.1.4 4 (F27) Spec cleanups
screenshot-tool 0.1.4 2 (F26) Spec cleanups
switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts 5.20170417.git5a0270a (F27) Spec cleanups
switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts 2.20170417.git5a0270a (F26) Spec cleanups
wingpanel 2.0.4 3 (F27) Spec cleanups
wingpanel 2.0.4 2 (F26) Spec cleanups
syncthing-gtk 2 (F27, F26) Spec cleanups
elementary-icon-theme 4.3.1 2 (F27, F26) Spec cleanups

As the Packaging Guidelines have recently changed concerning the required use of scriptlets, I have cleaned up all my packages concerning those changes.

COPR updates

I’ve finished merging all RPM .spec file changes from the official fedora packages back into the packages in the elementary-nightly COPR repository - this should lead to slightly higher quality packages, less maintenance burden in the future, and less compatibility problems between stable and nightly packages (i. e. upgrade problems due to conflicts).