This week, only two snapshot builds for a golang package were pushed to fedora. Additionally, builds for fedora 25 have been disabled for all COPR repositories as fedora 25 has reached EOL on Dec. 12, 2015.

fedora 25 has reached EOL

On December 12, 2017, fedora 25 has reached its EOL - one month after the release of fedora 27. Because of that, I have disabled builds for fedora 25 for all my COPR projects (including elementary-nightly, elementary-stable, kentauros, and syncthing).

fedora updates

I’ve submitted the following packages to the fedora repositories:

package version release changes notes
golang-github-zillode-notify 0 0.6.20171210.git8fff849 (F27) Changelog
golang-github-zillode-notify 0 0.4.20171210.git8fff849 (F26) Changelog