This week, I’ve published an updated syncthing package for the new 0.14.41 release, and multiple other golang packages were updated to newer snapshots - primarily for bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.

fedora updates

I’ve submitted the following packages to the fedora repositories:

package version release changes notes
syncthing 0.14.41 1 (F27, F26) Changelog  
golang-github-AudriusButkevicius-pfilter 0.0.3 1 (F27, F26) Changelog  
golang-github-ccding-go-stun 0.1.0 5.git20171206.gitd9bbe8f (F27) Changelog  
golang-github-ccding-go-stun 0.1.0 3.20171206.gitd9bbe8f (F26) Changelog  
golang-github-klauspost-reedsolomon 1.6 2.20171118.gite52c150 (F27, F26) Changelog  
golang-github-sasha-s-go-deadlock 0.1.0 1.20171130.git03d40e5 (F27, F26) Changelog  
golang-github-minio-sha256-simd 0 0.5.git96c8f86 (F27) Changelog  
golang-github-minio-sha256-simd 0 0.3.git96c8f86 (F26) Changelog  

COPR updates

I’ve also submitted an updated build of a syncthing package of version 0.14.41 to the COPR repository for EPEL7.