This week, three elementary packages (Music, Calendar, and the Session Indicator) got new releases upstream, and updated packages were pushed to fedora. Two golang packages were also updated to their latest stable releases.

fedora updates

I’ve submitted the following packages to the fedora repositories:

package version release changes notes
noise 0.4.2 1 (F27, F26) Changelog
golang-github-chmduquesne-rollinghash 3.0.0 1 (F27, F26) Changelog
wingpanel-indicator-session 2.0.4 1 (F27, F26) Changelog
golang-github-xtaci-kcp-go 3.22 1 (F27, F26) Changelog
maya-calendar 0.4.1 1 (F27) Changelog F27+ (granite 0.5+ is required)

COPR updates

Following their respective stable releases and updates pushed to official fedora, the noise, wingpanel-indicator-session, and maya-calendar package versions in the elementary-nightly COPR repository were bumped for correct upgrade paths.

Additionally, I’ve started to provide nightly builds of kentauros in the kentauros-nightly COPR repository.