fedora updates

I’ve submitted the following packages to the fedora repositories:

package version release changes
golang-github-cznic-mathutil 0 0.7.git53c7078 upstream feature update (Changelog)
golang-github-klauspost-reedsolomon 1.6 1 upstream feature update (Changelog)
switchboard-plug-notifications 0.1.3 1 upstream bugfix update (Changelog)
wingpanel-indicator-notifications 2.0.3 1 upstream bugfix update (Changelog)
elementary-icon-theme 4.3.0 1 upstream update (Changelog)
syncthing-gtk 1 upstream bugfix update (Changelog)
golang-github-zillode-notify 0 0.5.git54e3093 upstream snapshot update (Changelog)

COPR updates

I’ve also pushed an updated syncthing-gtk EPEL7 package to the syncthing COPR repository.