fedora updates

The following updates were submitted to fedora this week:

  • golang-github-zillode-notify (0-0.2.gitd1bed6c, bump to new snapshot)
  • switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell (0.2.6-1, minor upstream update)
  • pantheon-session-settings (0.9.90-1, upstream update to support fedora 26)

COPR updates

The following builds were pushed to my various COPR repositories:

  • syncthing (0.14.30-1, upstream bugfix update)
  • syncthing (0.14.30-2, packaging fixes and cleanups)
  • syncthing-inotify (0.8.6-1, upstream bugfix update)
  • syncthing-inotify (0.8.7-1, upstream bugfix update)

other work

I have released a new version (0.9.90) of pantheon-session-settings (the Pantheon DE session configuration files for fedora), which hopefully fixes the startup issues caused by a refactoring of gnome-settings-daemon into multiple components. An updated build has been pushed to fedora 26 and is already available via the elementary-nightly COPR repository, as usual.

pending work

I still need somebody to look at these three golang package review requests:

  • golang-github-cznic-zappy
  • golang-github-cznic-lldb
  • golang-github-cznic-ql

As soon as those packages are approved and built, my syncthing (and syncthing-inotify) package review request can be dealt with.

Currently there are no elementary packages in the queue for inclusion in fedora.