I am proud to announce the immediate availability of kentauros 1.0.7 (which now succeeds the - rather short-lived - version 1.0.6, because of a discovered bug).


  • The logic for handling RPM .spec files is a bit more robust and no longer produces duplicate definitions (long-standing bug just discovered recently) or bogus changelog entries (bug introduced with version 1.0.6).
  • The RPM .spec writer now uses %global for definitions (instead of %define), as recommended by the fedora Packaging Guidelines.
  • The scripts for generating stats have been updated for pylint-1.7, which includes switching from the (now non-existent) html backend to the plain text backend (which is nicer for git, anyway).
  • The code style of the whole project has been updated to comply with the new rules in pylint-1.7 (where sensible).

An updated package for fedora is already available via my COPR repository.