fedora updates

The following packages / updates were submitted for fedora 24, 25, 26 and rawhide. They include 2 new golang packages and some elementary package updates (including compilation fixes for f26+):

  • slingshot-launcher (2.1.3-1, minor upstream update; changes)
  • pantheon-terminal (0.4.2-1, minor upstream update; changes)
  • wingpanel-indicator-power (2.1.1-1, minor upstream update; changes)
  • golang-github-cznic-internal (1.0.0-1.20170516.git6c349f9, initial package)
  • golang-github-xtaci-kcp-go (3.15-1.20170517.git2fd1e3d, initial package)
  • appcenter (0.2-1, major upstream update; changes)
  • scratch-text-editor (2.4.1-2, patch fixing compilation with vala 0.35+)
  • switchboard-plug-bluetooth (0.1-2, patch fixing compilation with vala 0.35+)
  • switchboard-plug-keyboard (0.3.2-2, patch fixing compilation with vala 0.35+)
  • switchboard-plug-printers (0.1-4, patch fixing compilation with vala 0.35+)
  • wingpanel-indicator-bluetooth (2.0.1-3, patch fixing compilation with vala 0.35+)
  • wingpanel-indicator-notifications (2.0-6, patch fixing compilation with vala 0.35+)
  • elementary-icon-theme (4.1.0-1, minor upstream update; changes)
  • appcenter (0.2.1-1, upstream bugfix update; changes)

COPR updates


No updates were pushed to the elementary-stable repository (as most stuff is now officially in fedora and updates are already listed above).

The following packages were removed from the elementary-stable repository, because they are now available in the offical stable fedora repositories:


The noteworthy changes were made to the packages in the elementary-nightly repository:

  • slingshot-launcher snapshots switched to git as part of the 2.1.3 version bump
  • appcenter snapshots switched to git as part of the 0.2 version bump


The latest release of syncthing (0.14.28) has been pushed to the syncthing repository, where I noticed that upstream bumped the go compiler requirement from 1.6 to 1.7 between the 0.14.27 and 0.14.28 releases. After consulting with upstream, they could provide me with a simple fix (replacing the offending code with compatible code when compiling with go 1.6), so I can - for the near future - continue to provide syncthing builds in the syncthing COPR repository (until I can push the missing dependencies and the syncthing package itself to fedora repositories).

Pending work

missing elementary packages

The Pantheon framework for online accounts management (POA) is now available on fedora, but no plugins have been packaged yet (so no support for OAuth login, etc.). The plugins currently fail to compile against the latest version of gsignond, and I’ve already reported this isse upstream.

Most of the still pending elementary packages are switchboard plugs that don’t work right on fedora (because they are adapted to the way ubuntu does things; for example the locale plug depends on aptdaemon for installing language packs). The pantheon-shell / desktop plug is ready for packaging, but I wanted to wait for a stable release containing the compilation fixes I need. Since that hasn’t happened yet, I might just package a snapshot of the current master branch for now.

missing golang packages for syncthing

Only three of syncthing’s go package dependencies are not yet available on fedora (down from ~25):

As soon as those packages have been reviewed and pushed to fedora, only the formal review of my syncthing package is standing between an official syncthing package for fedora!