fedora updates

The following packages / updates were submitted for fedora 24, 25, 26 and rawhide. They include some syncthing dependencies, some elementary package updates, and new elementary packages.

  • golang-github-oschwald-geoip2-golang (1.1.0-1, upstream bugfix update)
  • golang-github-minio-sha256-simd (0-0.2.gitf3ec2e4, update to latest snapshot; adds support for the s390x architecture)
  • golang-github-edsrzf-mmap-go (0-0.1.20170318.git0bce6a6, initial package; indirect dependency of syncthing)
  • golang-github-xtaci-smux (1.0.5-1.20170422.git2de5471, initial package, dependency of syncthing)
  • elementary-theme (5.0.4-1, upstream bugfix update)
  • wingpanel-indicator-power (2.1.0-1, minor upstream update)
  • screenshot-tool (, minor upstream release)

COPR updates

The following stable updates were submitted to my COPR repositories:

  • syncthing (0.14.27-1, upstream bugfix release)
  • switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell (0.2.5-1, upstream bugfix release)

Up-to-date snapshot builds of the following packages are now / yet again available in the elementary-nightly repository:

  • gsignond git snapshots
  • libgsignon-glib git snapshots
  • pantheon-mail git snapshots (fixes compilation issue on f26 present in the last stable release)
  • screenshot-tool (switched from bzr to git)
  • noise (switched from bzr to git)
  • wingpanel-indicator-sound (switched from bzr to git)
  • switchboard-plug-datetime (switched from bzr to git)