fedora updates

This week the following packages / updates were submitted for fedora 24, 25, 26 and rawhide. They include some more syncthing dependencies, some elementary package updates, and even some new elementary packages!

  • golang-github-Audrius-Butkevicius-cli (1.0.0-1.20140727.git7f561c7, initial package)
  • gilang-github-Audrius-Butkevicius-pfilter (0-0.1.20170209.git09b3cfd, initial package)
  • golang-github-cznic-b (0-0.1.20170413.git6955404, initial package)
  • golang-github-cznic-go-stun (0-0.1.20170323.git04a4eed, initial package)
  • golang-github-oschwald-geoip2-golang (1.0.0-1.20170314.git0fd242d, initial package)
  • gsignond (1.0.6-1, initial package)
  • libgsignon-glib (2.4.1-1.20161228.git03d9c64, initial package)
  • gsignond (1.0.6-2, packaging update)
  • pandora-wallpapers (0.1.5-1, new release incorporating latest upstream changes)
  • noise (, upstream bugfix update)
  • wingpanel-indicator-sound (0.2.2-1, upstream bugfix update)
  • switchboard-plug-about (0.2.2-1, initial package)

COPR updates

Since gsignond and libgsignon-glib are now available on fedora, I can provide initial packages of pantheon-mail and switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts / pantheon-online-accounts. The latter is already in the process of being reviewed for inclusion in fedora. In addition to that, gsignond and libgsignon-glib git snapshots are now built in the elementary-nightly repository.

The latest release of pantheon-mail only compiles successfully on f25 due to some vala issues, so it will stay in the elementary-stable COPR repository for now.

The screenshot-tool nightly builds are now built from the upstream git repository. As more upstream projects see new releases, I will transition more and more of them from bzr snapshots to git snapshots.