fedora updates

This week the following packages / updates were submitted for fedora 24, 25, 26 and rawhide. There have been some upstream elementary releases, which have all made it into the official reporitories by now.

I have some more packages in my queue, since they are in the process of being reviewed already.

COPR updates

I have tried to build the new switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell release (0.2.5) for COPR, but there was a bug that prevented it from compiling successfully on fedora 26 and rawhide (I have already fixed this bug, it only needs to be merged). Sadly, there’s another issue preventing this package from being built, and there’s no fix for it yet.

Ongoing work

I have some golang packages (dependencies of syncthing) queued up. Almost all of the missing dependencies have made it (or will make it in the near future) into the fedora repositories. So I am quite confident that official syncthing packages for fedora aren’t too far off anymore.

Additionally, it looks like I will be able to continue pushing the missing elementary packages to fedora soon, since gsignond finally builds (mostly) correctly on fedora.