fedora updates

The following packages / updates were submitted for fedora 25 and rawhide (none of them have anything to do with elementary, sadly … but they make up preparatory work for getting syncthing (finally!) into fedora).

  • golang-github-vitrun-qart (0.1-1, first package for fedora)
  • golang-github-thejerf-suture (2.0.1-1, first package for fedora)
  • golang-bitbucket-kardianos-osext (0-0.14.git9b883c5, update for new sources and new golang import path)
  • plus 12 other pending (most of which already approved) review requests (of golang dependencies for syncthing)

COPR updates

The following updates were submitted to my various COPR repositories:

  • pantheon-greeter (3.1.1-1, elementary-stable update … no changelog available frown)
  • syncthing (0.13.23-1, upstream bugfix update)
  • QSyncthingTray (0.5.7-1, first package for fedora, upon request)

Additionally, I have (once all the broken stuff around the F26 branching was fixed) submitted full rebuilds of my elementary-nightly packages for F26 and F27/rawhide, and most packages built fine - with the exception of the granite, switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell and wingpanel. I assume upstream will fix those soon, since they too are now targeting the new version of vala.