fedora updates

The following packages / updates were submitted to fedora 25 and rawhide:

  • elementary-icon-theme (5.0.3-3, initial upload)
  • switchboard (2.2.1-1, upstream update: small bug fixes, complete implementation of settings:// URL fallbacks, updated translations)
  • screenshot-tool (0.1.1-4, rename the bundled icon to avoid possible file conflicts)

COPR updates

The following packages have been updated in the elementary-stable COPR repository:

  • pantheon-greeter (3.1.0-1: upstream update: small bug fixes)

preparatory work

I have been working on getting the following packages accepted into fedora proper:

  • switchboard-plug-a11y
  • switchboard-plug-applications
  • switchboard-plug-display
  • switchboard-plug-keyboard
  • switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad
  • switchboard-plug-networking
  • switchboard-plug-notifications
  • switchboard-plug-printers

The package reviews of all of these packages have already been completed. As soon as I get PkgDB / SCM access for them, I will upload those to fedora proper (rawhide and f25).

remaining packages + issues

The remaining elementary packages all have some issues - or I would like to test their functionality some more, before submitting them to fedora proper (or I just have not packaged them yet):

  • capnet-assist: This is just “not yet done”.
  • elementary-dpms-helper: This helper program is not yet available as a standalone project / package, but only as part of the ~elementary-os/elementaryos/default-settings-loki bzr branch on launchpad. I am unwilling to package software that is only available via an obscure bzr branch.
  • gsignond and libgsignon-glib: This service and library don’t successfully compile on fedora (yet), but this issue is being worked on upstream.
  • pantheon-agent-polkit: This service has some technicalities blocking it from packaging it for fedora proper, including not shipping a required “.desktop” file (the autostart entry), and installing the helper binary to the wrong directory (/usr/lib/* (hardcoded) instead of dynamically using /usr/libexec/*).
  • pantheon-greeter: This package has some yet unresolved issues, including a non-working screen locking mechanism on fedora, and hard-depending on the elementary GTK theme and the Raleway font (which I also have to package for fedora).
  • switchboard-plug-about: The latest release of this project needs a rebased patch to display correct information on fedora.
  • switchboard-plug-datetime: This plug is in need of some thorough testing to confirm that it works as expected in a non-ubuntu environment.
  • switchboard-plug-locale: This plug doesn’t seem to work correctly on fedora, I assume the locale and keyboard layout settings are handled differently on fedora than on ubuntu-based distros.
  • switchboard-plub-pantheon-shell: This plug has a blocking issue, it installs the “set-wallpaper” helper binary for the “set-wallpaper” contract into /usr/bin instead of /usr/libexec.
  • switchboard-plug-parental-controls: I would like someone to test whether this works as expected on fedora, because I don’t want to ship a broken “parental controls” tool on fedora (for obvious reasons).
  • switchboard-plug-security-privacy: This plug also is in need of some extensive testing. I don’t want to ship a broken “Security & Privacy” settings plug (for obvious reasons, too).
  • switchboard-plug-sharing: This plug is broken when used in conjunction with any recent version of GNOME (because of a missing / renamed / removed GSettings key) and segfaults at launch, so this is obviously in need of a patch for fedora.
  • switchboard-plug-useraccounts: I would like to get some more testing done for this plug (in a VM, preferably), because it is kind of a critical piece of software (and users can lock themselves out of their machines, if it doesn’t work correctly on fedora).

how to help

As mentioned above, some pieces of software (especially some switchboard plugs only available via the elementary-stable COPR repository right now) are in need of some testing (preferably in a VM, so nothing important gets broken - just in case) before I am willing to submit them to fedora.