While this week has seen no stable package releases of elementary software, the effort of including elementary apps and the pantheon desktop in fedora is paying off fast.

The following packages were approved and / or submitted for fedora 25 and rawhide:

  • switchboard (2.0.1-4, initial upload)
  • wingpanel (2.0.1-9, initial upload)
  • pandora-wallpapers (0.1.4-1, initial upload)
  • pantheon-files (, initial upload)
  • switchboard (2.0.1-5, bug fix: fix generation of debuginfo packages for plugs)
  • wingpanel (2.0.1-10, bug fix: fix generation of debuginfo packages for indicators)
  • appcenter (0.1.3-3, initial upload)
  • slingshot-launcher (2.0.1-2, initial upload)
  • wingpanel-indicator-power (2.0.1-2, initial upload)
  • wingpanel-indicator-notifications (2.0-3, initial upload)
  • wingpanel-indicator-session (2.0.1-3, initial upload)
  • wingpanel-indicator-sound (2.0.3-3, initial upload)

The following package review requests have been approved, but the packages themselves have not made it into the repositories yet:

  • wingpanel-indicator-keyboard
  • wingpanel-indicator-network

I assume I can get this done in the next 1-2 days.