This week has seen 3 stable package releases. Also, more and more packages are getting approved and submitted for inclusion in the official fedora repositories.

elementary-stable changelog

  • slingshot-launcher (2017-01-03: 2.0 -> 2.0.1):
    • code cleanups and fixes (includes fixed syntax errors, etc.)
    • translation updates
  • wingpanel-indicator-network (2017-01-03: 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2):
    • code cleanups and fixes
    • translation updates
  • switchboard-plug-parental-controls (2017-01-03: 0.1.1 -> 0.1.2):
    • code cleanups and fixes
    • translation updates

fedora package approval / submit progress

The following packages’ reviews were approved and have been submitted to the fedora rawhide and f25/updates-testing repositories:

  • pantheon-calculator (, initial upload)
  • audience (, initial upload)
  • contractor (0.3.2-5, initial upload)
  • maya-calendar (, initial upload)
  • noise (, initial upload)
  • scratch-text-editor (2.3-7, initial upload)
  • pantheon-terminal (, initial upload)
  • screenshot-tool (0.1.1-2, initial upload)
  • snap-photobooth (, initial upload)
  • gala (0.3.0-0.bzr552.2, initial upload)
  • gala (0.3.0-0.bzr552.3, fixed file splitting between subpackages)

The following packages are already approved and are stuck in limbo because the fedora pkgdb requests have not been approved yet:

  • switchboard
  • wingpanel
  • cmake-elementary

The pantheon-files review request is coming soon, assuming no more problems arise.

I have tagged a release of my pantheon-session-settings as an initial target for future packaging.

I have created a fork of the official upstream elementary wallpapers repository to resolve licensing issues in preparation for packaging them for fedora. I already tagged a target for packaging, too.