This page is for tracking items that are currently on my to-do list. Primarily, this is about tracking issues that are blocking proper support for a complete Pantheon desktop environment on fedora, but general bugs I have found are also listed here.



Some issues have been fixed with the recent 3.0 series, but I’ve discovered some remaining issues that probably have to do with different PackageKit backends:

  • Removing applications fails if the PackageKit backend doesn’t support autoremove (#860).
  • Opening an application page raises errors if the PackageKit backend doesn’t support DependsOn (#861).


This application seems to work fine except some issues surrounding location access:

  • Calendar repeatedly asks for location access, even if it can’t acquire it successfully (#282).


  • Opening a previously closed file from the side bar is impossible without opening another file first (#563).


There hasn’t been a stable release of the completely rewritten Mail yet, and the last release still depends on the retired version of the WebKitGTK+ library (#8).


  • Compilation of Photos fails on rawhide, probably due to API changes with libgexiv2 version 0.11.0 (#484).


  • Videos uses a non-standard icon for the application launcher, which leads to some issues (#23).

Desktop Components


For some time now, gala has been working great on fedora, minus one issue on fedora 29 and newer:

  • It does not support building against mutter versions 3.30 and newer (#303), because GNOME upstream made some invasive API changes. To work around this, I had to introduce a compatibility package of the 3.28 branch of mutter on fedora 29+.


The greeter codebase has some issues which I need to work around on fedora:

  • It also doesn’t support building against versions 3.30 and newer of mutter (#120), and hence relies on the same compatibility package as gala.

  • Nightly builds of the greeter currently crash after successful authentication, which makes using it impossible (#212). This is caused by a NULL dereference due by an initially empty radiobox selection in the Session chooser widget.

Captive Portal Assistant

The fedora package linter made me aware of a possible security issue in this package’s NetworkManager’s dispatch script:

  • Insecure $PATH elements being set by 90captive_portal_test script (#39).


The contractor project seems to need some love, some of the issues I reported would be really easy to fix:

  • The DBus service uses the wrong RDNN (#30).
  • During the port from CMake to meson, the code that installs the directory for contracts was dropped (#26).


  • During the port from CMake to meson, the directives for creating the directories where switchboard plugs are installed were dropped (#78).

Locale plug

This plug plain doesn’t work on fedora at all, probably due to differences in language setting setups on fedora and ubuntu.

  • The current language, region, and format aren’t determined correctly (#76).
  • No backends other than APT are supported for installing language packs (#37).
  • The build system also has inconsistencies with how other switchboard plugs are built, which leads to weird file names (#75).

User Accounts plug

This plug currently doesn’t seem to work right on fedora at all. It looks like it relies on some ubuntu-specific things regarding user creation and management.

  • Newly created users can’t be enabled from the GUI (#92).