This page is for tracking items that are currently on my to-do list. Primarily, this is about tracking issues that are blocking proper support for a complete Pantheon desktop environment on fedora, but general bugs I have found are also listed here.



This application seems to work fine except some issues surrounding location access:

  • Calendar repeatedly asks for location access, even if it can’t acquire it successfully (#282).


  • Camera uses a non-standard icon for the application launcher, which leads to some issues (#32).


  • Opening a previously closed file from the side bar is impossible without opening another file first (#563).


There hasn’t been a stable release of the completely rewritten Mail yet, and the last release still depends on the retired version of the WebKitGTK+ library (#8).


  • Videos uses a non-standard icon for the application launcher, which leads to some issues (#23).

Desktop Components

Session / Screen Locking

There is currently no support for locking the screen from a Pantheon session when it is started from GDM. Since the preferred screen locker for Pantheon (light-locker) explicitly only supports LightDM as display manager, this is unlikely to change soon (RHBZ#1644858).

Applications Menu (“slingshot”)

  • The meson build system installs intermediate build results as unused, statically libraries (#170).


For some time now, gala has been working great on fedora, minus one issue on fedora 29 and newer:

  • It does not support building against mutter versions 3.30 and newer (#303), because GNOME upstream made some invasive API changes. To work around this, I had to introduce a compatibility package of the 3.28 branch of mutter on fedora 29+.


The greeter codebase has some issues which I need to work around on fedora:

  • It also doesn’t support building against versions 3.30 and newer of mutter (#120), and hence relies on the same compatibility package as gala.

  • Nightly builds of the greeter currently crash after successful authentication, which makes using it impossible (#212). This is caused by a NULL dereference due by an initially empty radiobox selection in the Session chooser widget.

Captive Portal Assistant

The fedora package linter made me aware of a possible security issue in this package’s NetworkManager’s dispatch script:

  • Insecure $PATH elements being set by 90captive_portal_test script (#39).


The contractor project seems to need some love, some of the issues I reported would be really easy to fix:

  • The DBus service uses the wrong RDNN (#30).
  • During the port from CMake to meson, the code that installs the directory for contracts was dropped (#26).


  • During the port from CMake to meson, the directives for creating the directories where switchboard plugs are installed were dropped (#78).

Locale plug

This plug plain doesn’t work on fedora at all, probably due to differences in language setting setups on fedora and ubuntu.

  • The current language, region, and format aren’t determined correctly (#76).
  • No backends other than APT are supported for installing language packs (#37).
  • The build system also has inconsistencies with how other switchboard plugs are built, which leads to weird file names (#75).

User Accounts plug

This plug currently doesn’t seem to work right on fedora at all. It looks like it relies on some ubuntu-specific things regarding user creation and management.

  • Newly created users can’t be enabled from the GUI (#92).