This page is for tracking items that are currently on my to-do list. Primarily, this is about tracking issues that are blocking proper support for a complete Pantheon desktop environment on fedora, but general bugs I have found are also listed here.

Desktop Components


The contractor project seems to need some love, some of the issues I reported would be really easy to fix:

  • The DBus service uses the wrong RDNN (#30).



  • Removing applications fails if the PackageKit backend does not support autoremove (#860).
  • Download size calculation fails if the PackageKit backend does not support Dependson queries (#861).


  • Opening a previously closed file from the side bar is impossible without opening another file first (#563).


  • Music is one of the last three (!) packages in fedora that uses Zeitgeist integration, but it is not optional because it is used for the smart playlist feature (#583).


Locale plug

This plug has some issues on Fedora due to differences in how locales are set up on ubuntu-based systems compared to Fedora. However, those issues are being worked on.

  • No backends other than APT are supported for installing language packs (#37).
  • The build system also has inconsistencies with how other switchboard plugs are built, which leads to weird file names (#75).