This page is frequently updated with the current status of the nightly builds of elementary apps / Pantheon DE components on fedora, available via the elementary-nightly COPR repository.

Nightly builds of almost all the packages available via the official fedora repositories and via the elementary-stable COPR repository are available.

Current issues

All issues mentioned on the elementary-stable page apply to the nightly packages too, unless noted otherwise.

Circular dependency between granite and the Date & Time Indicator

A recent change to some Date & Time parsing utility function in granite added a dependency on a GSettings schema that’s shipped with the Date & Time indicator for wingpanel.

This introduces a circular dependency between almost all elementary packages, and will result in all applications built using the granite toolkit pulling in the whole Pantheon desktop as a dependency.

Since I don’t want to pause the nightly builds because of this, I’ve addeed a temporary, explicit dependency of granite on wingpanel-indicator-datetime until this can be resolved, so applications at least don’t crash unexpectedly.

I won’t update the granite package in fedora to versions containing this problematic change (which is already blocking other updates).