TL;DR: The work of packaging the missing dependencies of syncthing for fedora is completed, and right now, nothing except the formal package review is blocking an official syncthing package for fedora!

New official fedora packages

Since the May 2017 status update, the three missing golang packages plus three new, additional dependencies were approved and submitted to the fedora repositories:

All of syncthing’s dependencies can now be satisfied from the official fedora repositories, which means the package review can finally proceed.

Status of the syncthing COPR

As a result of recent changes to the upstream syncthing build scripts, I am no longer able to build the syncthing package the “old” way (the way I did it for the continually updated packages in COPR).

Since I want to continue to provide up-to-date packages via the COPR repository until an official fedora package is available, I’ve now submitted the current draft version of the new, “official” packaging to COPR. The downside of this approach is that I can no longer provide builds for fedora 24 and EPEL7 for the time being. I don’t think this will be a problem, since fedora 24 will hit EOL in a few days anyway, and I even hope to be able to provide official EPEL7 packages of syncthing once the package for fedora is approved.

Update: August 09 2017

I’ve now removed fedora 24 builds and repositories from my syncthing COPR, as fedora 24 is now officialy EOL (since Aug. 08). The syncthing package review is progressing, all dependencies will be available on fedora 25+ tomorrow, so an official syncthing package could arrive as early as tomorrow evening (UTC+2).