Just like any other week, some elementary applications released new versions, fixing bugs and introducing some cool new features (read more about that on the elementaryOS blog). And, as usual, all updates are readily available for users of my COPR repository for fedora 25, too!

Notable New Features

The update to switchboard 2.2.0 introduces support for a new cross-desktop protocol to launch specific settings screens / applications in a generic manner (just try hitting this settings:// link, for example, to try it out if you already have the update installed).

Bug Fixes

The bug in vala <= 0.34.3, which in some cases caused incorrect .vapi files to be generated, has been fixed with vala 0.34.4. An updated package has already made its way into the f25/updates and f26 repositories.

Also, the rebuild of NetworkManager necessary for building switchboard-plug-networking again has already happened and is now available in f25/updates and f26. Now everything is fixed, I can provide up-to-date stable and nightly builds of switchboard-plug-networking again!