Just in time for the general release of fedora 25 next week (2016-11-22, see the official Schedule) the Pantheon session works again, after the following changes landed recently:

  • Support for libmutter-3.22 has been merged into the gala trunk branch and is present in the stable and nightly repositories now.
  • wingpanel has also received support for linking against libmutter-3.22 in bzr trunk (which already is in the nightly repo). The stable build now uses a workaround in packaging until a new stable release containing the upstream fix is available.
  • The other problem, which resulted in wingpanel and plank being scaled wrongly on HiDPI screens has been fixed in upstream gtk+. A snapshot of its stable branch containing the fix is in the stable and nightly repos now - until an upstream release containing the fixes is made available.

Any feedback on the Pantheon session / elementary apps on fedora 25 (and 24 of course) in general is welcome (report issues at GitHub Issues (stable) and GitHub Issues (nightly) please)!

Installation instructions for elementary apps and the pantheon session are available at the COPR repository homepages linked here (stable) and here (nightly).