I have uploaded a new build of gala to the elementary-nightly repository (built from ricotz’ eats-kittens branch - which prepares support for libmutter-3.22), which fixes the crash that happened with older gala packages.

So, basically, the good news is:

The “Pantheon” session works again on fedora 25!

Well, sort of.

There are three main issues left that block usage of a “Pantheon” session on fedora, namely:

  • plank has issues on HiDPI displays (the dock location is calculated in the wrong way): Bug #1641751 on launchpad
  • wingpanel still crashes on start, because it doesn’t find the new libmutter-3.22 libraries (overriding LD_LIBRARY_PATH makes it work, though): Bug #1631207 on launchpad
  • wingpanel (once it works with the hack) has a scaling problem on HiDPI screens that is similar to the one plank has: The datetime indicator is in the top right corner of the screen - it should be in the center - and all other indicators except slingshot are inaccessible off-screen somewhere.